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LionVolt enters the battery industry with revolutionary 3D-technology
BOM, 21 July 2021

We recently appeared in a news article by de Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij (BOM). Watch the video covering our technology below.

LionVolt from Eindhoven wants to outsmart Toyota and Volkswagen with this battery (that never catches fire)
ED,  07 December 2021

Big companies like Toyota, Volkswagen and Bosch are all betting on it: the solid state battery, which has a gigantic life span and will never catch fire. A small start-up company from Eindhoven will eventually provide the big breakthrough, according to the owners. Here’s why.

Eindhoven-based company makes battery that never catches fire
ED,  27 November 2021

They last much longer, charge faster and, importantly, never catch fire. The solid-state battery is a great promise for the future. LionVolt from Eindhoven raised millions of euros to develop one.

Dutch Battery Startup LionVolt Closes €4 Million Seed Round Led by Innovation Industries
Eindhoven, Netherlands, 17 November 2021

European battery start-up LionVolt announced today it has successfully closed a seed round of €4 million, bringing its total funding this year to more than €5 million. The round was led by deep tech venture capital firm Innovation Industries and joined by Brabant-focused startup fund Brabantse Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij (Brabant Development Agency, BOM) and renowned investor Sake Bosch. LionVolt spun off last year from TNO at Holst Centre, building on six years of research and development of its innovative battery design.

3D battery startup Lionvolt charged with 1.1 million euros
Bits&Chips, 05 August 2021

TNO spinoff Lionvolt has raised 1.1 million euros to accelerate development of a 3D solid-state thin-film lithium-ion battery. The device consists of a foil, covered with billions and billions of micropillars, each coated with thin layers of battery materials: lithium-storing electrodes sandwiching an electrolyte. Advantages of this design include higher energy density, faster (de)charging, longer lifespan and an increased safety profile compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries.

Lightweight and efficient battery thanks to 3D technology and solid-state materials on thin film
Innovation Origins, 20 March 2021

Batteries for energy storage, e.g., in electric cars, are becoming increasingly important. LionVolt BV, a spin-off from the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), promises to build a 3D solid-state thin film battery that is lighter, safer and more efficient than the current lithium batteries. The ‘Proof of Concept‘ has already been delivered. They are now waiting for investors so that the first pilot factory can be built.

Lightweight and efficient battery thanks to 3D
Automotive World, 3 March 2021

TNO is spinning off its 3D battery activities from Holst Centre under the name of LionVolt BV. LionVolt will now accelerate the development of a revolutionary solid-state battery based on the 3D technology created by TNO at Holst Centre over the past five years of R&D. This has resulted in a proof of concept (PoC) and LionVolt is in the process of finalizing its seed funding to help execute accelerated development of 3D-batteries.

Lightweight, solid state batteries that charge super fast and are extremely efficient and durable
Brainport Eindhoven, 2021

LionVolt CEO Karl McGoldrick is sitting on a goldmine. Years of research by the renowned Dutch research institute TNO, have provided LionVolt with the ingredients needed for developing a disruptive 3D technology that will lead to the world’s next generation of batteries. Lightweight, solid state batteries that charge super fast and are extremely efficient and unprecedentedly durable. He is looking to Venture Capitalists who dare to join in making it happen.