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Lionvolt charged with €15M
bits-chips, February 2024

3D solid-state thin-film battery maker Lionvolt has raised 15 million euros, the Eindhoven-based company announced on Linkedin. The announcement follows news of the battery outfit scooping up a Scottish manufacturing site, which will complement a pilot production facility on the Brainport Industries Campus. The previous owner of the UK site, AMTE Power, had declared bankruptcy a month prior.

LionVolt acquires a battery cell production line in Scotland; a key step in its pursuit to conquer the battery market with next-gen 3D solid-state batteries
Batteries News, January 2024

Following on from its recent announcement that it has taken on a lease at the Brainport Industries Campus (BIC), where it will construct a pilot production plant for its innovative 3D electrodes, the Dutch company LionVolt has completed the acquisition of a battery cell production line in Thurso, Scotland.

LionVolt chooses Brainport Industries Campus for the production of its solid-state batteries
Innovation Origins, December 2023

LionVolt’s Solid-state batteries are safer, charge faster, and last longer than lithium-ion batteries.

New CEO for LionVolt appointed
September 2023 

LionVolt appoints new CEO Kevin Brundish as of September 1st 2023, who will take over the reins of our vibrant next-gen battery start-up from Karl McGoldrick.

More than 3 years ago LionVolt was founded. Since then, we have grown the company up to nearly 20 people, developed an international ecosystem, made strong progress in the platform technology while developing the path towards industrialisation. To fund this growth about €20million in capital has been raised through equity and subsidies, with much appreciation and thanks to our shareholders and stakeholders. Now is the time that LionVolt is moving over from a early start-up phase towards a scale-up phase in the coming years. To make this successful transition, LionVolt has appointed a new CEO Kevin Brundish from the battery industry, who would take over the reins to lead LionVolt and the incredible team of people into the next exciting phase of its journey onto the stage of the global battery industry. We would like to thank Karl for all his valuable contributions to LionVolt’s success thus far, and extend a warm welcome to Kevin!

National Growth Fund proposal 'Material Independence & Circular Batteries' of around €800 million approved
Battery competence cluster,  30 June 2023 

The Battery Competence Cluster – NL received on June 30th the great news that the National Growth Fund proposal ‘Material Independence & Circular Batteries’ (link) has been approved. The Material Independence & Circular Batteries proposal focuses on achieving a strong position for the Dutch manufacturing industry in the global battery chain, with sustainability and circularity at the core. This is essential to achieve the climate objectives and achieve sustainable economic success in the Netherlands. LionVolt is thrilled to be part of the proposal together with several other participating companies.

The entire automotive industry is eagerly awaiting LionVolt's super battery
mt/sprout, 30 June 2023 

A solid-state battery that hardly catches fire anymore. Companies all over the world have tried to make that happen. The Eindhoven startup LionVolt seems to have cracked the code. “We want to become the ASML of the battery industry.”

Most Interesting Startups From Netherlands To Watch
vestbee, 1 June 2023

The Netherlands, known for its windmills, tulips, and groundbreaking innovation, has rapidly become a flourishing hub for startups. With a strong focus on sustainability and tech advancements, Dutch entrepreneurs are continually raising the bar for innovation, addressing a myriad of challenges through new business models and pioneering solutions. As we delve into the Dutch startup scene, we’ll explore a few remarkable companies that are not only disrupting traditional industries but also reshaping the world with their ingenious ideas and forward-thinking technologies.

NXTGEN HIGHTECH program officially launched after final approval from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy
Eindhoven, 9th May 2023

NXTGEN HIGHTECH program, through the National Growth Fund, will support more than 330 parties from industry and knowledge institutes across multiple domains. These funds will be used to develop new high-tech machinery and production technologies and help these developments to market.

LionVolt wins Gerard & Anton Award for 2022
Innovationorigins, 22 September 2022

The Gerard & Anton Awards are presented each year to the 10 most promising start-ups from the Brainport region. This year the winners were selected by an independent jury from a shortlist of 55 nominations. LionVolt is delighted and proud to share that we have received Gerard & Anton Award for 2022. Our thanks to all involved and also to all others who continue to support our journey.

Lionvolt is one of the companies that can make mobility sustainable and future-proof by the year 2040.
VPRO, 18 June 2022

That people will move less in the future, that they will travel and fly less, is largely an illusion. The so-called Marchetti constant determines that, for commuting distances, people spend on average 1 hour and 6 minutes a day travelling, by whatever means. In 2022, we will only be travelling faster and further. But this has to be done in a cleaner, more sustainable, safer, smarter and affordable way. How can mobility in the future place less strain on the planet, the economy and society?

Dutch startup sees 'breakthrough' in solid-state battery
RTL Nieuws,  27 April  2022

Eindhoven-based battery builder LionVolt wants to bring so-called solid-state batteries to the market within a few years. According to CEO Karl McGoldrick, this technology can make electric cars and airplanes better and safer. He calls the solid state battery the ‘holy grail of battery technology’.

Nickel price explodes, now battery makers must innovate
fd,  29 March  2022

The war in Ukraine and chaos in the stock market have caused nickel prices to explode. This is a problem for the battery industry, especially for electric cars. The Netherlands has missed the boat on battery production, but Dutch start-ups are pushing hard with new ideas.

New Dutch battery: one billion stems per centimeter
Trouw,  26 January 2022

The world is engaged in a race against time towards better batteries. Billions in profits beckon to the winners. The Netherlands seems a small player, but appearances are deceptive. 

LionVolt from Eindhoven wants to outsmart Toyota and Volkswagen with this battery (that never catches fire)
ED,  07 December 2021

Big companies like Toyota, Volkswagen and Bosch are all betting on it: the solid state battery, which has a gigantic life span and will never catch fire. A small start-up company from Eindhoven will eventually provide the big breakthrough, according to the owners. Here’s why.

Eindhoven-based company makes battery that never catches fire
ED,  27 November 2021

They last much longer, charge faster and, importantly, never catch fire. The solid-state battery is a great promise for the future. LionVolt from Eindhoven raised millions of euros to develop one.

Dutch Battery Startup LionVolt Closes €4 Million Seed Round Led by Innovation Industries
Eindhoven, Netherlands, 17 November 2021

European battery start-up LionVolt announced today it has successfully closed a seed round of €4 million, bringing its total funding this year to more than €5 million. The round was led by deep tech venture capital firm Innovation Industries and joined by Brabant-focused startup fund Brabantse Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij (Brabant Development Agency, BOM) and renowned investor Sake Bosch. LionVolt spun off last year from TNO at Holst Centre, building on six years of research and development of its innovative battery design.

3D battery startup Lionvolt charged with 1.1 million euros
Bits&Chips, 05 August 2021

TNO spinoff Lionvolt has raised 1.1 million euros to accelerate development of a 3D solid-state thin-film lithium-ion battery. The device consists of a foil, covered with billions and billions of micropillars, each coated with thin layers of battery materials: lithium-storing electrodes sandwiching an electrolyte. Advantages of this design include higher energy density, faster (de)charging, longer lifespan and an increased safety profile compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries.

LionVolt enters the battery industry with revolutionary 3D-technology
BOM, 21 July 2021

We recently appeared in a news article by de Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij (BOM). Watch the video covering our technology below.

Lightweight and efficient battery thanks to 3D technology and solid-state materials on thin film
Innovation Origins, 20 March 2021

Batteries for energy storage, e.g., in electric cars, are becoming increasingly important. LionVolt BV, a spin-off from the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), promises to build a 3D solid-state thin film battery that is lighter, safer and more efficient than the current lithium batteries. The ‘Proof of Concept‘ has already been delivered. They are now waiting for investors so that the first pilot factory can be built.

Lightweight and efficient battery thanks to 3D
Automotive World, 3 March 2021

TNO is spinning off its 3D battery activities from Holst Centre under the name of LionVolt BV. LionVolt will now accelerate the development of a revolutionary solid-state battery based on the 3D technology created by TNO at Holst Centre over the past five years of R&D. This has resulted in a proof of concept (PoC) and LionVolt is in the process of finalizing its seed funding to help execute accelerated development of 3D-batteries.

Lightweight, solid state batteries that charge super fast and are extremely efficient and durable
Brainport Eindhoven, 2021

LionVolt CEO Karl McGoldrick is sitting on a goldmine. Years of research by the renowned Dutch research institute TNO, have provided LionVolt with the ingredients needed for developing a disruptive 3D technology that will lead to the world’s next generation of batteries. Lightweight, solid state batteries that charge super fast and are extremely efficient and unprecedentedly durable. He is looking to Venture Capitalists who dare to join in making it happen.