NXTGEN HIGHTECH program officially launched after final approval from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy (link)

NXTGEN HIGHTECH program will support more than 330 parties from industry and knowledge institutes across multiple domains with around €1 billion investments until 2030. These funds will be used to develop new high-tech machinery and production technologies and help these developments to market. The National Growth Fund supports this program with €450 million.

The domain area of Energy, of which LionVolt BV is a party, will be funded by this program to support several energy related high-tech projects developing integrated, scalable production chains for fuel cells, electrolysers, batteries, and plasma conversion.

In the 3D battery pilot line project of €18.5 million, of which €11 million will be funded by the NXTGEN HIGHTECH program, LionVolt, in collaboration with 9 partners, will realize a first-of-its-kind R&D PilotLine dedicated to the development for scale of unique 3D solid-state batteries.

The 3D battery pilot line will be a customized set of production tools and processes designed targeting an initial production capacity of 10-20 MWh/year. It is the first step in bringing significant impact to the future of battery performance, safety and sustainability. This will help to accelerate the electrification of the transport sector as part of the energy transition, and so positively influence climate change.

“This is a crucial project for deep-tech Dutch companies like us, which can accelerate the development of scalable solid-state batteries by gaining understanding of upscaling challenges already at an earlier stage of innovation”, says Dr.Sandeep Unnikrishnan (CTO and Co-founder LionVolt)

LionVolt’s partners* in this project are pioneers from various equipment manufacturing industries and knowledge institutes in the Netherlands working closely together to contribute to the success of the PilotLine Project.

Furthermore, the Dutch economy will benefit from the commercial exploitation in various areas of battery-related technologies, e.g. materials production, cell fabrication and development of equipment.

“3D battery pilot line is the perfect vehicle to introduce a highly promising Dutch Solid State battery technology to the production environment. Innovation and scale up challenges needs to be managed side by side”, according to Hossein Mardanpour (3D battery pilot line project coordinator and Program manager at LionVolt)

We look forward to making this project a big success all together.

*List of consortium partners in 3D Battery Pilot Line project: 
LionVolt, SIOUX technologies, Vereniging High Tech NL, SparkNano, HaskoningDHV Nederland, Unit040 Ontwerp (Prespective), Flexiramics, TNO Business unit Holst Centre, Delft University of Technology, and University of Twente.