A new dimension

In battery performance, safety and sustainability

Disruptive 3D architecture
Our patented 3D approach uniquely differentiates the technology from others.

Intrinsically safe No Ignition or explosion risks
Solid-state batteries even operate safely at elevated temperature

Better performance Energy density over 450 Wh/kg
Our technology enables the use of high-capacity materials

Sustainable Heavy-metal-free materials and circular processes
We implement green alternatives, in contrast to conventional batteries

Scalable production By using cheap and easily processable materials. We make use of scalable roll-to-roll manufacturing processes

High charging speed No everyday struggle of long charging times
>4C/15 minute charge enabled by thin films


“Green, cost-effective batteries are essential for sustainable electrification of industries and society.”

Minimal impact

Maximum performance

LionVolt offers a groundbreaking 3D solid-state technology for next-generation batteries that are 100% safe, weight 50% less, with 200% higher performance than state-of-the-art Li-on batteries.

We implement green alternatives, in contrast to conventional batteries and use Sustainable materials & circular processes.

Fully retrofittable

Into existing commercial formats.

Currently it’s very challenging to keep up with the growing industry demands for faster charging, higher engergy, safer batteries while being kind to our environment and cost effective at the same time. The LionVolt 3D battery technology has been redesigned from the ground up to do just that. Our revolutionary 3D battery is based on completely new battery architecture while fully retrofittable into existing commercial formats.

The Z-dimension

While the majority of the battery industry today focuses on developing new materials, we at LionVolt work on a new 3D architecture for the future battery, which is complimentary and agnostic to the battery materials.